Maningning Miclat

Artist / Writer


Maningning Miclat, a published author, multilingual poet, prize-winning artist, an interpreter and art teacher at Far Eastern University passed away at the tender age of 28.

Born and raised in Beijing, China for the first half of her life, she grew up to become an accomplished painter in both Chinese and Western genre and a multilingual poet, fictionist and essayist publishing her works in English, Filipino and Chinese.

Maningning had her first solo exhibit of Chinese traditional paintings at the age of 15 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1987. "Maningning: An Exhibit of Chinese Brush Works" would only be the first of five solo exhibitions, and the first of about 32 total exhibitions for her. That same year, she launched her first book of poetry in Chinese "Wo De Shi", My Poems.

The sensitive artist / poet won the 1992 Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) Grand Prize in Non-Representational painting for her abstract, " Trouble in Paradise" while still a student at the University of the Philippines, College of Fine Arts. She would graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Painting, Cum Laude standing, in 1994.

While excelling in the visual arts, she also followed her heart in the literary world. She became a fellow of the U.P. National Writer's Workshop in 1990 where she won an award and a Jullie Lluch trophy for her one-act play in Filipino. In 1991, she became a fellow of the Silliman Writer's Workshop for her poems in English. Her poems in Chinese would earn for her a niche in the Chinese poetry, counting her as one of the 39 Top-Rated Women Poets in Chinese anthologized in a book published in Beijing.

Multi-faceted Maningning "sold paintings, wrote for newspapers, designed book covers, taught Mandarin at the Ateneo University, and even had her second book, Voice from the Underworld published by Anvil Publishing." She would later teach art at the FEU while taking up masters in Fine Arts at U.P.

Maningning as a child growing up in Beijing, was taught the Marxist definition of literature and the arts as concentrated representations of life and nature on a higher plane. Precociously maturing in Manila, she started creating her representations of beauty through painting and poetry. The ashes she left behind are now kept in a quiet sepulcher surrounded by nature's verdure at the foot of Subic's hills."